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My very first Mangalorean Indian Cuisine at Masale Twist Damansara Utama

New opening... The very first Mangalorean Indian Cuisine in Malaysia.

Masale Twist's menu is inspired mainly by the cuisine of India's southwestern port city of Mangalore.

The Masale Twist's Malaysian founder, Fay D'Cruz, was originally from Mangalore, so this restaurant is lovingly rooted in their family's heritage.

➡️ I am so impressed with the food and the taste. 
                          Ghee Curry fish
Herbs spice rice
Magalorean fried chicken

❇️ I just fall in love with the twist of Indian and Western fusion.
     Mixed grilled - Chicken,Lamb & Sausage                  platter with cheese & sauce

  Fully loaded Hawaiian pulled meat, Ham                                  & Pineapple 🍕Pizza 12 inch
Masala tea
They only serve chicken, mutton, lamb, vegetarian and seafood and they also deliver food to your doorstep.
     Beer promotion 🍻

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