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Bare Nuhcessities safe to use for me and my Baby.

Bare Nuhcessities is a safe, high quality product range for everyone, using only the bare necessities. 
This has become the guiding from the principle to bringing in the best products to you.

​▶️The main focus - EWG Green started because they couldn't find anything in the market that is safe for long term usage. When they discovered EWG, they realised that although a product can be rated green, individual ingredients could be rated orange or red. When clicked to read more about these nasty ingredients, more often that not, we learnt about long term usage side effects.

▶️Example:  We shower often, especially in a humid climate - which means these chemicals could build up in my babies. This is where we decided to do the impossible by insisting that all ingredients in our products be EWG Green. HOW do we check?, an independent website, which empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.

👉You can check the safety of the listed ingredi…

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