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Volume Bean and Sexy Bean by Weglow Beauty

Weglow Beauty, formerly known as K-beauty Skin care is sole distributor of CNKCOS.
Their products is gentle, high quality, and certified natural ingredients without any artificial scents and artificial colors skincare.
By curating new health,beauty, and lifestyle products, they inspire and encourage the customers to enrich their lives with health and beauty as well as bring their confident to next level.

Volume bean (Bust & Butt)
Features & details:
Moisturized and elastic skin containing pomegranate extract.
Upgrade your volume conveniently and easily by cleansing.
How to Use?
Apply the product in a massaging motion and cleanse off every day and it will help moisturizing and keep skin smooth and elastic.

Sexy Bean 
How to Use?
Before shower, take a bean and crush it onto a part of wet skin where you want to care.
Massage the part softly so that Sexy Bean can be absorbed into the skin well. After 3-5mins, wash with tepid water.
How much use?
Use the amount required according to…

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