Samyeang Pizza from Domino's Malaysia

AnnYeong Haseyo! to Domino's Pizza fans :)
Say AnnYeong to a whole new world of flavours!

Here's the new launch of Samyeang Domino's Pizza for our Malaysian Kpop fan on 23rd February 2018 at Evolve Concept Mall.

Speech by Mr Shamsul Amree - Senior General Manager, Operations Domino's Pizza Malaysia &  Singapore. 

Ms Linda Hassan -  General Manager Marketing 

The New Domino's Pizza come in Samyeang Tuna Pizza, Samyeang Chicken Pizza and Samyeang Beef Pizza the taste is spicy, hot and sweet just the right taste for Malaysian :)

It's so satisfying spicy till you'll say Saranghae! 

#Samyeang #Dominosmy

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