Chickenpox during 2nd trimester pregnancy

I was infected with Chickenpox last week, got it from my son, as few week back he had chickenpox and after he recovering soon my turn pula who kena.

Day 1 - It's was a Raya's holiday and we was in Singapore. The second night I feel itchy at my back so I scratch it then I realise there is a Red dots.

The next day my chest started have few more Red dots and I didn't bother much as I did not think about myself will get Chickenpox.

Day 2 - We was on the way driving back to KL due of the massive jam in highway it's took us about 7hr to reach home included rest at R&R for lunch and breaks.

I suspect maybe too hots weather and no fresh air for few hours in the car. Once got home my whole body started come out with all the blister with water inside.

Day 3 - The next day I go to the chinese medical Hall to get some herbs to be use or consume for my chickenpox as is still Raya's my own Gynae still on holiday.

The chinese Dr ask me to take Pearl powder day and night to release my heatiness inside my body.

Day 4 - The early next day I call in to hospital UMMC saying that I'm pregnant and having chickenpox now. The customer service ask me to Walk in my self so I drive to University Malaya maternity ward for register to see a Doctor.

Unfortunately the nurse over the registration counter not allow me to register as she need to call Doctor at level 4 see any of the Dr would like to see me.

*Worried I will spread my chickenpox to others.

Once the Dr give green light to the nurse ask me directly proceed to level 4 and they put me in a 4 person room and isolated me with others. I was not allow to walk around the ward only stay in my bed given by the nurse while waiting got Dr to see me.

So I waited about 1.5hr a Chinese guy Dr Tan come to me and ask me few question when, where and how I got chickenpox. How many months pregnant and how do I feel?

After that he told me if needed to admitted will be 5days in hospital to isolates myself from others. (without checking my urine, blood sample or doing ultrasound scan)

Then I call my husband and discuss. I told Dr that I prefer to stay at home isolate myself from others.

So I send my husband and son to my mother in law house. While I reach home on the same day I'm having sore throat, fever and headache. (Sighhh)

Day 5 - My family members advice me to have another round check in others hospital to get others advice from the different Gynae as I'm not looking OK and tired.

I pack my daily use meanwhile waiting my husband taking half day leave to bring me to Sentosa medical centre (KPJ)

Same thing I call up the nurse mentioned I'm pregnant and got chickenpox and I want to see Dr Lam my previous Gynae for my 2 kids he allow me to see him.

Once I reach hospital (KPJ). I proceed to level one for registration and Dr Lam just wanted to go for lunch. I got my urine test, weight record from the nurse.

40min later Dr Lam back from lunch and inform the nurse that I look quite serious and ask the nurse guide me Ground floor see others Dr.

I told the nurse that I aldy been to UMMC yesterday and the Dr over there ask me to admitted. The nurse pass through message to Dr Lam and he agree to see me But I will be the last patient.

As long he see me I'm OK to waiting. I have a quick late lunch hospital cafeteria.

After 1.5hr pass. My turn to see Dr Lam ask me few questions and then he said no need to admitted as already so many days if is within 24hr is to monitor me worried will get anaemia but now already so many days so he make a full scan on my baby from top to bottom but he told me that very low risk that will affected the baby as I already more than 22weeks. (If really baby affected the side effect is skin problem and eye cataract only will see once baby born out).

What to do at home:-

# Clean and mild food
# Carrot and Coriander soup (Daily)
# More citrus drinks (Navel Orange, Lemon)
# Honey and plain yogurt (natural)
# Calamine lotion
# Aloe Vera lotion
# Baking soda power (Daily shower, hair wash)
# Tumeric powder, honey, yogurt (Dailly 2 x mask)
# Change clothing regularly
# Sharp Air purifier (On 24hr)
# Antibacterial Febrezz (Spray wherever I go from toilet, bed, sofa)

Day 6 - No more fever, sore throat and headache but the blister at my face still there just wondering will it left me any scar. (still praying)
# Argan oil (Apply daily)

* Chickenpox is really a no jokes for us pregnant woman or adults. Is really suffering, my opinion let's the little one have it as earlier as possible. (Dr said even the kids got vaccine still will have chickenpox But less only)