My Hospital Bag Checklist - What To Pack In Hospital Bag?

❤️I am very close to meeting my son Kason, so I started packing my bag this week. And for my Hospital bag, I'm using carry-on bag from Elebe Maternity Lifestyle. In order to keep my stuff organized and separated.

❤️And for Kason's Hospital bag accomplish the same thing with clean Ikea zip lock plastic bags to his Diaper Bag. It makes finding things so much easier.

When to pack a Hospital bag?

👉 I’d recommend somewhere between 36 and 37 weeks.

What should I pack for my baby? 👶

✅Baby blanket
✅Muslin squares
✅Two pair of mitten and booties
✅Hat x 2
✅One outfit for the trip home (extra set standby) 
✅Baby car seat (carrier)

What shall I pack for before and after the birth? ❤️

✅Mobile phone and charger
✅Pen and Paper (incase need to leave a notes) 
✅Tissue and wet tissue 
✅Make up set light (incase you want to look good) 
✅Snacks and drinks packet (if hungry or dehydrated) 
✅Thermos and water bottle 
✅Cutlery set and cup (incase need to use) 
✅Socks x 2
✅Essential oil or Lotion (for massage or relaxing) 
✅Breast pads (extra) 
✅Nipple cream 
✅Maternity pads (Bring extra packs) 
✅Nightwear (front-opening or nursing wear incase breastfeeding)
✅A comfortable outfit to wear home
✅Jacket or Shawl (incase Hospital is cold) 
✅Towels, toothbrush and toothpaste
✅Nursing bras (Bring two or three) 
✅Maternity panties or disposable panties 
✅Maternity Pelvic Belt 

The wait is soon arriving! I usually shopping at Elebe Maternity Lifestyle to get the best fit maternity essential for my every occasions and others prenatal products that help me sail through my pregnancy with hassle free. 

👉 Online Order: (PM)

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  1. It so useful to me.. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Khor this is for emergency incase so Daddy no need to rushing for me :)

  2. Wow, so many thing need to pack. I should learn this. Preparing to have a family.

    1. Dear Betty is good to be plan well and get prepared to have a wonderful journey thru the pregnancy

  3. Awww, this is such a sweet post :) Thanks for sharing this, I can learn from here for my future use, even though I'm not sure when :D

  4. yup, its so important to pre-pack earlier, for any eventualities in case need to be hospitalized.

  5. I too have a similar check list when ravelling. Its easy to just tick them off as you pack than to rack your brain everytime:)

    1. Is really very convenient when u pack all thing in advance so that it will not be left out

  6. its always wise to have a checklist so you do not miss out on things that should be in....

    1. Yup even for travel or holiday I will also had my checklist to prepack my stuff.

  7. Yes it is important to prepack your hospital bag, btw congratulation to you dear! HEHEHE

    1. Thanks dear. Hope that my Hospital Bag list is Good enough for sharing to others mummy to be too :)

  8. Am surprised that despite such a long list to pack, after packing, it doesn't seem that much in your bag. Great to plan this early and not be in a panic.

    1. Yes dear, even those the list is long but after u pack it just look single and organized

  9. Whoa, it must be pretty exciting to see a new born baby :D Hopefully everything runs smoothly :)

    1. Thank you dear. Pray safe and smooth delivery :)

  10. I'll try to remember all the necessities. haha. not a mom yet, but its good to be prepared right? hehe

  11. im 5 months already.. this entry helps me a lot to prepare all the things that moms need.. thanks fo rsharing this to us! checklist starting now! hehehe..


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