The traditional postnatal confinement of a woman after childbirth that is practiced by most Asian cultures.

Postpartum confinement (also known as "Sitting the month": 坐月子 "Zuo Yue Zi" in Mandarin or 坐月 in Cantonese) is a Chinese custom practised by many women of East Asian descent for recovery following birth, typically for 1 month, with regional variations at different lengths from 40 days, 2 months to 100 days.

The logic behind is both mother and baby need to rest. The little one needs to be protected from infections whereas the mother who has been through the exhaustion of childbirth needs to rejuvenate.

The custom is referred to as 'confinement' as women are advised to stay indoors for recovery from the trauma of birth and feed the newborn baby. Aspects of traditional Chinese medicine are included, with a special focus on eating foods considered to be nourishing for the body and help with the production of breastmilk. 

Here are some Confinement facts and myths:

Myth: Don’t drink water during this period. It will cause water retention.
Fact: You need to be well hydrated for producing enough breast milk. Negotiate with your confinement nanny on having more warm or hot liquids.

Myth: No to fans or air conditioners! It makes way for wind during this time.
Fact: Comfort and rest play a major role in recovery. When the temperature is hot, you and your baby cannot sleep well. Moderate AC or fan will cause no harm.

Myth: Confinement dishes should be made of heat foods like old ginger, sesame oil, vinegar and meat only.
Fact: On the contrary, your menu should comprise of a balanced diet. The baby gets what you eat. Your baby’s vital organs are growing and they need a constant supply of nutrition.

Myth: Reading will weaken your eyes during confinement. Blood loss weakens liver which in turn weakens your eyes. Reading will further strain your eyes.
Fact:  Including Chinese wolfberries into your dietwill help you strengthen your liver and eyes. While good amount of sleep is crucial for the new mother, after a couple of weeks if you are comfortable, engage in some interesting reading as long as you want. It will refresh you.

Myth: Feet should not touch the floor, it makes you susceptible to cold.
Fact: This may be true in cold weather. As this is quite easy, you may follow this and keep the negotiations reserved for other myths like no bath.

It’s said that, if confinement is well done, the mother is healthy for the rest of her life. While confinement is important, it’s even more important that we get the myths busted and follow the facts.

Myth: No head baths during this period. This will prevent wind from entering mother’s body through her scalp. Such wind will cause headache.
Fact: During confinement there is excess sebum produced. If there’s no hair wash, there are more chances of infection due to blocked hair follicles. Bathing in water with Chinese herbs which are easily available, is known for preventing wind from entering body. Pour hot water over herbs; let it cool down to the desired temperature and bath in the same.

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Happy Confinement!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the confinement facts and myths. I really like those. Kadang2 semuanya tak boleh kalau ikut petua ni. Hehe.

    1. You're most welcome Belle, sekarang zaman modem dah. Kita Ikut apa yang patut aje

  2. Oh good to know the confinement facts and myths.. This is really helpful article, thanks for the information.

  3. Some old-fashioned nanny will stay no to lots of things but with modern helps, there are a lot of ways to assist the new mom. Thanks for sharing the myths.

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  8. Thanks for clearing the myths! All these myths of confinement definitely sounds more terrifying than pregnancy itself.


  9. This is super useful for the newbie, will bookmark this for future use.

  10. good to know. Sometimes even when its a myth, we still follow, coz its just fine to follow than to go against.

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  13. I love the waterless shampoo! It was so convenient leh! Thanks for such insightful sharing about the myth and facts.

  14. I don't understand some elders why they believe that "no fan" myth. I mean, your belly is not a balloon.
    Ahh sometimes, elders are so weird. And funny.

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  21. Even though a bit old fashion but I follow it tightly. Afraid of complication in life later.

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