Tiny Touch Intelligent Electric Double Breast Pump (Upgraded & Improved Version)

How to choose a Breast Pump?

A typical pumping session lasts about 10 to 15 minutes a breast. If you'll be pumping at work or in other time-crunched situations, you might want to invest in an electric breast pump that allows you to pump both breasts at once. A double-breast pump helps stimulate milk production while reducing pumping time by half.

👉 Important safety notes

Don't get a used pump. Although it may be tempting to share or borrow a friend's breast pump, or buy one used, the Food and Drug Administration and breastfeeding experts generally caution against it.

Breast milk can carry bacteria and viruses – including HIV and cytomegalovirus – that can contaminate these pumps and pass an infection to you and your baby. And since droplets of milk can get into the internal parts, using your own collection kit doesn't necessarily make them safe to use. Also, hand-me-down pumps may not be as effective because motors lose their strength and the seals deteriorate over time, problems that may lead to a loss of suction.

Tiny Touch Intelligent Electric Double Breast Pump (Upgraded & Improved Version)

Double-Frequency Suction
Creative new suction experience on both high & low frequency

All-in-One Mode
Provides 5x massaging and 1x sucking is good to relieve the pain of breast engorgement and to stimulate lactation

LED Touch Display
Equipped with high-end intelligent LED touch display

BPA Free Parts
All parts are BPA free and safe for sterilization (except main console)

Rechargeable lithium battery, USB socket

Tiny Touch Disposable Breast Pads -  60 Individually Packed

Tiny Touch Disposable Breast Pads is ultra absorbent and leak proof. The design is safer with multi leak proof layers and its polymer materials has a strong moisture lock.
This will make the breast pads dry, breathable and perfectly close. It is comfortable no matter when you use it and most importantly the pads are sticky-free. 
Ultra absorbent and guarantees dry and sticky-free comfort
3-dimensional design gives closer fitting and fits all breast curves and bra sizes
Patented linings are gentle to touch and gives optimum comfort
Lock guards prevent milk leakage
Non-wove material is breathable and gentle to the skin
Double adhesive tapes stick firmly and securely inside bra's cup

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  1. wow, it's look like new technogies of bf pump and it's so convenience but how much is it?

  2. Next anak.. boleh belikan untuk my wife ;)

  3. whatt seriusly, our technology become smart and easy to use. it is expensive ?

  4. Dah lama tak experienced guna bf pump ni..almost 12 years....huwaaaa...kena ada baby lagi ni

  5. comelnya packaging haha sekarang memang banyak kat pasaran yang elektrik punya. sebaik takdak anak lagi, kalau tak dah beli dah ni

  6. Breast pump bertambah canggih skrg. Memang sesuai untuk ibu2 di luar sana.

  7. i pakai double pump letrik juga tapi jenama spektra3 dan manual pula gunakan medela

  8. Kawan saya hari tu cari juga breast pam ni sebab isteri lahirkan anak melalui pembedahan jadi susu tak berapa keluar katanya kena pam nak bagi anak minum susu takut kuning boleh rekmen produk ni nanti..

  9. My friends always talk about buying a used pump - now I should tell them not to buy them anymore! Thanks for sharing the information about this.

  10. saya pakai yang mini punya.tapi bila tengok ni rasa best la pulak

  11. saya pakai yang mini punya.tapi bila tengok ni rasa best la pulak

  12. I have 3 bp...2 of them...i had letgo to my frends...but i dont have any illness like mentioned above...huhu

  13. thanks for the info~ good for guys to learn too~


  14. ok boleh masuk dalam wishlist ..dulu pakai medela swing je.. yang ni nampak macam best je.. harga pon not bad.

  15. I had an unpleasant experience with breast pump. Looking at the above, the pump seems sophisticated. All the best and enjoy BF.

  16. Good info and the product tho. Will let my friends know about this.

  17. Good sharing of breast pump. No use for one at this moment but don't mind informing my friend who is searching for something more friendly.

  18. I introduce your post to my friends and now they are your fans. They love your article so much and very useful for them. Thank you for your information. Great article anyway


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