Best Simmer Pot in town at Simmer Huang, Pavilion Elite.

Last week I was invited to had lunch at Simmer Huang, Pavilion Elite with my assistant. It's was a last minute decided and we was there with few others social media Influencer and local celebrities.
The classy design of the restaurant atmosphere with a modern twist serves to provide a relaxing and enjoyable dining ambience, even for business meetings, family gatherings or festival celebrations. 

The most important is the staff make me feel warm and welcoming. I can said the customer service is very professional.


Famous Chinese Simmer Pot chain Simmer Huang, made popular by its imperial recipes from the dynasty, opened its first branch in Pavilion Elite this January. Huang Jinjang Huang (HGH) together with Morgan Stanley bought over Hui Lau Shan (HLS) from Navis Capital.

Simmer Huang specializes in a unique simmer cooking process, using medical herbs to come up with nutritionally balanced Chinese dishes.
The restaurant chain was established in Beijing in 2004 and has more than 600 restaurants worldwide. It aims to reach the 1,000 mark across the globe by 2018.

Simmer Huang and Hui Lau Shan are compliment on each other, served not only Simmer's Huang unique cuisine from the royal kitchen, but also desserts and drinks from Hui Lau Shan. By combining on two international brand, they are providing the best of both and a unique dining experience for the customer. 

Vegetables, herbs and sauces are cooked without using any water through a unique simmering technique to preserve the nutrient content of the food. The secret of success of the simmer pot is said to lie within the ratio of ingredients to the herbs and spices.

This traditional simmer techniques retains the nutritional benefits of the food while allowing the medical herbs in the sauce to be fully absorbed, giving each dish a unique character. The dining experience is further enhanced as the meal is cooked right in front of the diners.

For reservations :

Simmer Huang
Lot 8.101.00, level 8,
(Pavilion Elite)
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pork & Fungus in spicy sauce  

Signature Vinegar Peanut
Simmer Huang Octopus 

Fried Oyster Mushroom 
XO Vegas Pork Roll
Tadaa!  Looks at our Appetiser :) 
Seafood Pot with Classic Sauce 
Fried Beancurd Crust 
Fish Maw
Cuttlefish Paste
Goji Gotcha from Hui Lau Shan 
Dragon fruit Fruitpucino coconutmilk
Thank you for arranging this yummillious drinks from Hui Lau Shan for us. 
Malaysian actor Jordan Voon

Social Media Influencer @Nicoshinmei


  1. I have not heard of Simmer Huang before but look at such a yummylicious lunch spread, I can't wait to try. I was at Pavilion two weeks ago. Will drop by when I am there next time!

  2. Yes!!! I have tried their food there and was there during CNY also. My favourite is also their Seafood Pot with Classic Sauce, yumms.

  3. Wow! Never tried before! But looks delicious and fresh too. So lucky u get to join with local celeb

  4. Never tried eating the food there before. Will check it out soon because the food photos look good.

  5. I always pass by but never been to this restaurant! They definitely serve yummy and delicious food, big serving too, yums!


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