Dinasour Kingdom Press Conference at Setia EcoHill, Semenyih

Are you a Dinasour fans? 

My kids really love dinosaur and they could see the dinosaur in front of them real soon. 

I was lucky enough to witness for the Dinasour Kingdom Press Conference at Setia EcoHill, Semenyih last week. 

When will it start? 

14th June till 8th july


12.00pm to 10.30pm


Setia EcoHill, Semenyih 

👉There is be more than 25 attractions in Dinosaur Kingdom. 

👉Adult and children can enjoy together. 

👉Show some Love❤️and pledge RM80 to provide a fun edutainment time for an ophan with Dinasour Kingdom. 

❇️Ticket price:

RM30 -  Entrance only

RM50 - with extra 10token pack

RM120 -  Family Pack x 4 entrace ticket included

❇️Children below 3 years old is Free. 

❇️Senior citizens above 65 years old will get Evian Mineral Water. 

Feeling excited? 

Pre-book your ticket now at:



✳️See you soon! ✳️

Dinasour Kingdom Press Conference at Setia EcoHill, Semenyih 
Excitement and A new Journey with Dinasour Kingdom 
Super Dino Adventure -  RM60 only
Someone stole the dinasour baby out!  
Look at the map of Dinasour Kingdom so much fun waiting for us. 
Venue sponsored by Setia EcoHill 
Modern and contemporary of Club 360°
Green leaves and clear sky
Mummy Dinasour is making some noise. 
For the photo above "From left to right_ Berlin Lu, Justin Yee, Shas Fung _ Bobby Tan, Co-Founders of Themepaktu (Dinosaur Kingdom)"
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