Steam & Sanitize H20 steaming specialist

Last month I have participating in Steam & Sanitize contest by Butterfly Community. Lady lucky is by my side and I won myself a RM100 voucher from the contest.

I quickly call Mr Wong to make an appointment to sanitize my 1 King size bed, 2 super single bed and a L shape sofa.

If you are wondering?

How effective is steam cleaning?

                Small and powerful machine
                Professional and detail works

👉Here are some facts for you!

All I know is their steam cleaning service kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and dust mites. The best part is, all without using any chemical!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

I Never clean my sofa at home because i have no idea how to clean except sweep or vacuum.

                                   Picture 1
                                    Picture 2
                                   Picture 3

Vacuuming the surface is not enough because bed bugs and dust mites lives inside the sofa.

Steam & Sanitize uses their signature VSE System to sanitize my sofa so that it is clean and free from germs and bacteria without using any chemicals too.

Well the outcome is well deserved with fresh and my home is hygiene now.

More info:

IG: steamsanitize


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