LBP Food Processor

Little Bean Premium Food Processor is an essential kitchen appliance for today's busy parents like me, offering a quick and efficient way to prepare and cook healthy, tasty and nutritious meals not just for my baby, but for the my whole family.

Now I can prepare nutritious and delicious meals in minutes with Little Bean Food Processor.


Versatile 2-in1 appliance that steams and blends food, preserving the natural nutrients to create healthy and tasty dishes.

Easy to use - one dial controls all functions making it simple to use Ideal for all food types - suitable for fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, etc.

Value for money - help parents give their children nutritious homemade meals while offering savings of time and money on meal preparation.


With its 300W heating element and powerful 120W blending motor, you can steam and blend anything, from fruits and vegetables, to meat, poultry and fish quickly and conveniently, and in one easy step.

The device features a built-in water storage tank for the steaming function, and its food bowl can make up to 500ml of food at one time, so you can make small batches and save some for later!

It is compact, easy to carry and easy to use. I can said no more worries for travel.

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