Little Bean Premium Digital Double Bottle Warmer

Recently I got myself Little Bean Premium Digital Double Bottle Warmer from Childhood Basic Malaysia.

After using for sometime I told myself this is the best bottle warmer so far I had use.

What I like the best is :

🎗️Free off BPA material

🎗️Digital LCD display

🎗️15 hours preset function

🎗️4 in 1 function – heating, warming, sterilizing and egg boiling

🎗️Dual bottles – heating, warming & sterilizing

🎗️Safe and easy to use

Come with different temperature:

I. 40°C Keep Warm - This is the optimum temperature for baby milk

II. 70°C Heating - Warm up baby food

III. 100°C Sterilize and boil egg


Good quality heating plate can warm up the bottle quickly.

Build with constant temperature technology to automatic heating, automatic thermostatand over temperature protection function to facilitate the baby ready to drink.

This Digital Double Bottle warmer 
have 4 in 1 function that is heating, warming, sterilization and boil egg.

For more information can contact:

Childhood Basic Malaysia


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