Mum of 2 kids and no.3 is loading 27%

Today is my 2.7month pregnancy of my third child. The feeling of this time pregnancy it have a different feeling compare the previous pregnancy because I'm not working and had be a Stay at home modern mum for 4 months already 😁
The good part is I'm very flexible for my time and can do whatever I can without need to apply any leave hahaha...

My daily routine is fetching my 2nd son H@nson to school and I will lepak in my grandma house near his kindergarten. By time of 11plus I will fetch him back to my grandma house for his shower and lunch. Continue with homework coaching and some play time for him. By 1.30pm I will private transport back 2 kids from International kindergarten is my friend daughter & nephew back to her home.

Sharp 3.30pm I will back to home and started my cooking and YouTube viewing for what to cook for tonight's? My son will have his playtime and YouTube browsing continue with a short nap.

6pm dinner ready and both of us will waiting for my husband back or we had our dinner without him continue with some TV time and by 8plus my son will request for supper continue with going to room and rest. We will chatting, stories and he will have some toys playing before sleep. That's I called off my day.