Visiting SWS Medical Halls @ Jinjang Utara

Today my grandma bring me to visit her old friends of 40years. Is the owner of SWS Medical Halls @ Jinjang Utara near Pasar.
Is located inside the main road Jinjang market. Reading some review earlier that Malaysia Chinese my FM radio DJ - Ngan Mei Yan and Malaysian famous tattoo artist Kinky Ryuzaki also bought their 28 days confinement set in SWS Medical Halls.

Once enter the shop greeted and giving a cup of warm tea by the friendly staff. My grandma old friends the owner of SWS Medical Halls walk out and and assist us. We have a chat and later we were guide to consultation room by his youngest son Ken Sow.
My grandma have her consultation done and my turn for my 12 week pregnancy consultation.
All went well and I am also asking the package of the confinement medicine for 28days which they come in 2 package.

Package (1) RM777
Package (2) RM1204

I found the price is reasonable and affordable for what u need for the 28days confinement.
But except the Red date water and the So hup yuan but that is more on individual preference.

Below are the picture for the contact and address for your reference in future.