Today's dinner at Sushi Mentai Kepong

It's dinner time with my family of 4+1. And today I invited my mum and brother come along as I have the voucher won by my husband from My FM lucky draw last weekend at Sunway Vivocity.

 It's 6.30pm as usual waiting for the long queue about 2 table before us. We seated and be prepared for the food to be delay or missed order :p.

Eventually all went well maybe is our lucky day. All the food come pretty fast. And we been repeated few times for the food top up. And my brother is the champion this round he eat the RM1.80 x 5 sushi plate, RM2.80 x 7 and few side order. I just teasing him are you full already? You still need anything? My mum said let he be as long he still can gallop all in. 💪. 

Here's come the bill all included the tax total is RM113.80 for 6+1 pax. And with the RM100 voucher deduct we only paid for RM13.80✌️😉...